Saturday, January 17, 2009


i cant stop


i love that this stage in joey laurence's life will haunt him and entertain me forever

"cut like an afro"

last but not least. i kid you not i know every word of this by heart..


MR style said...

lovin it

bren said...

fun fact: i met joey lawrence at erin mills mall when i was in grade 3. my friend's dad took us out of school and left us in a massive line up to get joey's autograph and then took off to get a coffee or something. two 8 year old girls (you're 8 in grade 3 right?) in a sea of screaming 15 year olds, it was pretty scary. i had the bright idea of starting to cry and pretending to faint to get us out of the crowd. suddenly a security guard swooped in and picked me up and carried me to the front of the line, my friend in tow. i didn't even have a shirt or anything for joey to sign, so he gave me a free poster.

it was wicked. WWWooooah!

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