Wednesday, April 28, 2010


“On Easter Sunday night, our dear friend Alex Darsey was walking by his house… when a scared little puppy approached him out of nowhere… A neighbor told Alex that they had seen someone throw the puppy out of a car and drive off. Alex brought him home and named him Walter. Walter was incredibly malnourished, dehydrated and was suffering from a severe case of Mange. On top of that it appears that his previous owners used some sort of chemical (like bleach or ammonia) in a cruel and misguided effort to treat the Mange. The fact that human beings could treat an innocent puppy this way and then leave him on the street to die is unfathomable…”


me melodia said...

Oh my goodness.
Poor Walter.
He looks like such a sweet boy.

I donated a lil something.
Great posting.


zyanna said...

as if he was thrown from a car. people can be so awful.

DL said...

this kills me... thank god he's being taken care of now!

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